Keep Generation G in mind when bridging the generation gap

Much has been said lately about the generation gap, and the need to tailor one’s communication message to meet the needs of each specific generation… but there’s a new generation to keep in mind.

In communication terms, Generation G stands for the ‘generous generation’ (not gaming generation). Copyblogger states it is not a typical generation defined by birth, but rather a generation defined by “repulsion at the corporate and political greed that has plummeted much of the world into economic doldrums”. Cnet news describes this ‘new’ generation as “wired to care, wired to share”.

According to Culture of Future, Generation Y in particular: “creates exceptionally unique ways of giving back, often centered on the socially-based human needs of the individual. They don’t feel they need to ‘go big’ to matter, and embrace the concept of micro-giving – making the world better, one person at a time.” So while Generation G is not based on a specific date of birth, it does seem that the younger generations are more sharing than we are led to believe. Not all selfish, most actually care about green initiatives and helping others.

What do you think? Has there been a definite move to becoming more generous? Have you noticed any ‘caring’ initiatives? Visit Trendwatching for an idea of the type of ‘generous’ campaigns that work.

Feel free to post your comments below.

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